Jaguar XK150S(E) Electric Jaguar Conversion

This project has been on-going for a few years and has taken a wreck of an XK, imported from the USA and turned it into a work

Pizza Peel Packaging Concepts

A couple of concepts of Packaging for Pizza Peels, started has hand sketches and hand cut prototypes , then modelled as sheet

The Riser Chair Modelled in Fusion 360

This Chair helps elderly people to stand up that struggle with mobility it’s chic elegant style means it blends in in th

Pizza Peels SolidWorks & Keyshot Renders

I designed this range of Pizza Peels in a 6 month period, they are made from Aluminum, Acacia & composite Bamboo for the woode

Photo Realistic Rendering Keyshot – Product

Product renderings of an Olympus camera, the lens material is great and really makes the picture ‘pop’.

Design Development

A detailed view of the development work and design process used to create some of the projects I have worked on.

3D CAD Concept Generation

Some concepts I developed for a touch screen mattress pump. Balancing form & function was challenging.

Design Development- Medical Device

A selection of images from the development of a Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Device.

EV Track Car

Really interested in EV conversions lately 😃, so I had a little play in #SolidEdge with a track race car, modelled by Car

Machined & 3D Printed Metal Parts

EV Charge Station JojuSolar

A few renderings of an EV charge station I modeled up for JoJuSolar.

The Product Design Process

SolidEdge Modelling – Video

SolidEdge model of Balcony using Synchronous mode, lots of creative freedom, Keyshot Renders coming soon! Second Video shows m

Engineering Drawings

Various Engineering Drawings detailing parts designed for Injection Moulding, RIM Moulding, Blow Moulding & Machined Parts