Jaguar XK150S(E) Electric Jaguar Conversion

This project has been on-going for a few years and has taken a wreck of an XK, imported from the USA and turned it into a working classic EV. I modelled up the design of the chassis in Fusion 360 from some plans from 1945. I then imported 3D CAD of the Electric Motor, a Hyper 9 & Batteries, (Mercedes) and with the client determined where these could feasabiliy fit. After this using further old plans I modelled the propshaft, transmission assembly & rear suspension to try and determine how far forward the Motor needed to sit. I then purchased a CG trader body, imported it into Fusion & scaled it to the correct size. This helped check whether the batteries in the front would fit under the bonnet. After this point the guys at Nova Motor Sport started the actual build using a brand new Chassis manufactured in Poland and a Brand new body made in the UK. Most recently I visited the XK, took measurements, photographs and spent some time updating the CAD model assembly to reflect the real vehicle as quite a lot had changed at this point. The client then asked me to provide some renders of the vehicle so he could get an idea of colours & finishes he is after for the final vehicle